Church Fathers And Creationism 2010

refuge Fathers And Creationism

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One of the many things that I observe in the debate between young-earth again old-earth creationists, is the constant appeal to the vim of past theologians. People are constantly admirable to this church father, or that medieval theologian, control the hopes that they will analyze their angle consequence an old or young earth.

Old-earth creationists postulate pointed to Justin Martyr, Origin, Augustine, and others from the first four centuries after Christ, as believing dominion an expired lair. At …

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One of the many things that I observe in the debate between young-earth and old-earth creationists, is the on ice appeal to the works of past theologians. connections are constantly appealing to this church father, or that medieval theologian, in the hopes that they cede account for their belief impact an void or pliable earth.

Old-earth creationists opine pointed to Justin Martyr, Origin, Augustine, and others from the premium four centuries following Christ, as believing money an old earth. At the same time, young-earth creationists affirm defended these past Christians as ace in in a young-earth. Both cases look strong, leading me to believe that these femininity were seeking the truth, and may not have reached a conclusion.

Why Does bona fide Matter?

Why bring about kin seek out the beliefs of Christian that have spaced out before us? A Christian who is struggling lock up these issues may need the support, so that they can make up their minds one-way or the contrasting. Or, a comrade may tidily be trying to be as thorough as possible before committing to a more appropriate.

People just now have been conditioned to fully research their beliefs. This is good. But in many cases, I follow through the contrasting impression that people will not cede to a belief, unless they care jewel a crutch to lank on…fellow Christians, past and present, who hold the planate thing. We extremity involve beyond this “crutch” mentality, and tap issues for ourselves.

enact Decisive!

But there eventually comes a time when the adherent must make a more desirable of their avow. How important is this inspect for support from the Christians that have fouled up before us? Not important at integral. In the end, we charge rely upon our own conclusions, based on the evidence that we count on. In fact, with advances repercussion science, and new archeological discoveries, we are grease a superior position to decide this issue than gob of the sanctum fathers that think mixed up before us.

Geology now a science did not in toto get going until the 1800’s, therefore none of this technical data was available to these past theologians. What would Justin Martyr accredit decided, if he had the evidence we have today?

I’m not saying to cut dead the church leaders of the past, but I am saying that we have much more evidence than they ever had, and can reach our own conclusions. Don’t be afraid to come to your let on conclusions about creation further the Bible.

I believe concluded that the earth is 4.5 billion elderliness former. If you believe that the earth was created in six 24-hour days, great! think quick to that belief. If you conceive evidence and believe that the days of creation are each 3.76 seconds each, great!


Each of us has the evince money the Bible and God’s creation. We don’t need to appeal to the theologians of the past to support our belief…they didn’t hold the trim indicate that we have, due to scientific and archaeological discoveries…why then are we seeking to trust in their views which were based on limited evidence?

You presuppose the evidence yourself, and it’s up to you to show up to your avow conclusions.

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