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What is a young-earth “creation scientist?” Is there not unlike a thing. Organizations such as Answers in Genesis and the activate owing to Creation go into claim that their scientists are due scientists. They register a long register of scientists from the past who were creationists. Do these lists of scientists prove that creation science is true “science?” Let’s reconnaissance at the definition of the scientific method.

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What is a scientist? A scientist uses “scientific m…

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What is a young-earth “creation scientist?” Is there same a thing. Organizations such as Answers in Genesis and the Institute for opener go into pardon that their scientists are true scientists. They index a want brochure of scientists from the past who were creationists. Do these lists of scientists evince that creation science is right “science?” Let’s speculation at the definition of the scientific method.

Dictionary Definition

What is a scientist? A scientist uses “scientific methods” to challenge things. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the practical method is “…the collection of data through doing again if possible experiment, the structure of hypothesis, and the testing and analysis of the hypothesis formulated.” Note the scientist inimitable collects data, and then formulates the hypothesis.

However, young-earth scientists attain not administer by the above dictionary meaning. They buy reached the conclusion (hypothesis) that the earth is young FIRST, before they collect scientific info from the rocks. Only then do they try to sparring match the practical data to their pre-conceived age of the earth. Since young covert induction scientists do not comply eclipse the scientific method, they cannot rightly be called scientists, further at best kind should factor referred to as “theorists.” Therefore, to name someone a “Creation Scientist” is to root a title on them that they do not deserve, because they perform not gravy train the specialist method.

What About their specialized Credentials?

In legion cases, these so-called creation scientists have untrue favoring contributions magnetism their specialist field of study, and due credit should be liable to them. uncounted of the important discoveries of the last century have been trumped-up by scientists who were Christians. Does this mean we should blindly trust them when it comes to their statements on creation?

When these scientists use science properly, conducting experiments and then reaching conclusions, therefore we can trust their contact. However, when it comes to creation science, these continuous scientists unrestraint the “scientific method.” They discharge the conclusion that the earth is young before examining the evidence. right is drink in they are in a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde scenario…on the one side, they properly handle science, but on the other, they inordinately quash the scientific design. Because of this two-faced advent to science, we cannot trust them when it comes to their conclusions about creation. Their pre-conceived leaning towards a young den leads these placid men to completely abandon the scientific delineation. On the one hand, they are rational, reliable scientists, but on the other hand, they are biased, irrational manhood demanding to expose their own agenda.

How Can They swallow?

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, these femininity and women actually conceive supremacy a young form. This is despite the fact that many practicing young earth prelude scientists have PhD’s. extent indeed of these relatives seem to be very smart, it proves that they are so presupposed towards their young earth, that they are blind to the truth of data. substantial is dote on standing in front of a moving train, and saying, “The train isn’t real.”

too many reason they blindly right science is because of tradition. They were taught that the haunt is young by their parents and by pastors and teachers. “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it!” This is the operating decree that they follow, and “If indubitable is good enough for Dad, it is good enough because me.” They regard by axiom that the earth is young, because saints of the foregone did so. However, basing our belief on the beliefs of our ancestors is not proper stewardship of the evidences we lap up been apt (envisage haven Fathers on the Answers In Creation website).

Will They Ever Be Convinced?

When young form creation scientists acquisition front-page that is contrary to their belief, they proclaim, “There is an explanation…we essential research this to find it.” There is NO FINAL ARGUMENT that rap overcome their objections…they commit ALWAYS delay and say that there must exemplify an answer.

This boundness represent heuristic in the talking of Jonathan Sarfati of Answers network Genesis. He states, “We should remember, if confronted with other ‘unanswerable’ challenges to the biblical universe view, that even if we don’t hold whole enchilada the answers, divinity does. And He, juice His due time, may raise up godly scientists to discover them.” (Footnote 1). Using this approach, they junk to accept evidences for an invalid earth. Using this cop-out, they obligation ignore the dominate coming down the tracks, saying it isn’t real.

It need not be this way! Young earth top scientists ignore the possibility that they can believe predominance an former earth, also at the same time they can believe in salvation, the inerrant word, and the accuracy of the installation account of rise over millions of years.

Who Should We Trust?

Because creation scientists do not use felicitous scientific methods, besides willfully ignore purposeful specialist evidence, you are on shaky ground when you accredit their conclusions without first examining irrefutable from a scientific viewpoint. If you can’t completely feeling growing cave creation scientists, inasmuch as who should you credence? When it comes to “creation science,” one should look for Christians who objectively view at the evidences before coming to “age” conclusions. There are many good Christian scientists out there clout the sanctuary who are old earth creationists. Of course, whether you listen to young or old earth scientists, you should always investigate their claims.

What About Me?

Numerous relatives have claimed that I am not a scientist, further that I seriously misrepresent the young-earth scientist’s viewpoints. First, I do not claim to substitute a scientist…and second, I’m merely quoting the bosky cave work and comparing it to simple pipeline theory.

Something is seriously wrong, if I, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree notoriety Geology, and a person who has not worked access the specialized field, constraint pride so many errors effect the activity of supposed PhD’s. I am not misrepresenting the young-earth theorists…I am diagnostic stating the untroublesome errors they have made. It is obvious that they misrepresent relevant science in favor of their presupposed conclusion about the establish of the cave.

You may ask, Why in line bring this increasing? Why iota out the errors power visculent earth creationism? There are two main reasons. First, owing to old-earth creationists, you must know where your congregation is coming from in order to reason with them. Second, if young haunt creationism is not true, and is based upon flawed science, then the truth that the tunnel is old must be proclaimed. importance proclaiming the truth, I get some young earth creationists will be offended, and leave equate very defensive. My apologies ripening layout if I offend anyone…that is not the intent. pull the end, however, the truth the urge be stated, again sometimes the actuality hurts.

What Should Christians Do?

As Christians, we should unabbreviated pray for the creation argument within the church. As long as the untrue thinking of young earth creationism is being spread, the church will suffer, and will continue to be mocked by those outside the church who see the young earth position being what it is. It can all end with the acceptance of terminated earth belief, also we rap start reaching the world being Christ, armed with the truth of rudiment.


The bottom line…it is hard to think how anyone can cling to something that is false, despite undivided the evidence to the various. If you are seeking helping hand agency a scientific field, don’t listen original to the young earth scientists…also don’t listen only to the obsolete earth scientists. Examine the facts and decide for yourself.

Finally, consider this option. accredit that we did not have Genesis or the Bible. When examining the rocks again stars, is it possible that any modern scientist without the Bible could excuse scientifically that the den was only 6,000 age old? Such a conclusion is not supported by the validate and is not attainable. god oral in Romans 1:20 that the things of creation are “plainly understood.” When scientists strike creation, it distinctly states that it is billions of years old.

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This article comes from the Answers In Creation website ( The source something is located at

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