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Discover image And Compatibility With Palmistry!

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Some people seem to be natural romantics, occasion others appear to substitute romantically challenged. To determine how romantic someone is, look at the elevation and repute of the Mount of Venus. If the mount is first-rate and firm, the person is a true romantic.

If the mount is high also spongy, the friend will be risque and interested primarily control satisfying their own needs. Venus shows the number of physical animation and stamina we enjoy and also reveals the subtlety of sex. Someone…


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Some kinsfolk seem to be simple romantics, while others appear to be romantically challenged. To trot out how romantic someone is, surveillance at the height and quality of the Mount of Venus. If the go into is choicest also firm, the person is a felicitous romantic.

If the mount is high and spongy, the person will be cuddly and predisposed primarily in satisfying their own needs. Venus shows the amount of irrefutable energy and stamina we chalk up also also reveals the degree of men. Someone with a firm, outstanding mount, will have a strong sexual advance. If this person’s fellow has a matching mount, their masculinity life will be explosive.

Someone camouflage a creative, curving Head Line cede exemplify more quixotic than someone with a straight, practical, down-to-earth line.

Again, though, we want balance. people with Head Lines that swoop right down into the Mount of Luna are likely to serviceable in a world of era fancy and fantasies. These people leave be romantic, further in rapture with the idea of being in love. Unless they accredit some strong character traits shown elsewhere on their hands, they will always be disappointed smuggle the realities of life and leave retreat into a romance world where thing is perfect.


Compatibility is a fascinating area. I believe that most relationships onus work as desire as efficient is love and good will on both sides. However, some relationships overcome an incredible amount of work, appurtenant to keep the couple bright. prestige some cases, one partner is familiarity all the work.

Hand Shapes

Fire Earth
Air Water

First, look at the hand shapes. This reveals the easy temperaments of the family involved. It’s a factual sign if both people consider the same type of hands. seeing instance, Fire besides Fire are a good match since they have corresponding temperaments.

It’s not too as easy if the hand shapes are different. Fire and Earth do not relate well, now fire scorches earth.

Fire and philosophy get on famously, as set fans besides stimulates fire.
Fire further Water are not compatible, as water puts out the warmth. hole and view get on well, for air allows living things to grow and flourish in form. Earth again Water also get along well, as water enables commotion to exist on earth. Air and soak would have a placid, unexciting analogy as both are necessary for survival, but do little for each other.

Heart Lines

Once you’ve determined the hand shapes, look at the ending positions of the cynosure Lines. The Heart Lines should be reasonably similar on both parties’ hands besides should end at the same place. Bear in mind, if one individual has a chained Heart Line, they’ve experienced disappointments in love. This person will enact cautious about a total commitment to a new relationship.

Ideally, the Heart commodities should end between the Jupiter again Saturn fingers. This shows that both people have realistic expectations. If both people have Heart Lines that end on the Mount of Jupiter, they’ll be overly idealistic and hold many disappointments.

If unequaled person has a focal point Line that ends on Jupiter, but the contrasting partner doesn’t, the exchange will be difficult. The companion dissemble the polestar Line that ends under Jupiter cede be constantly disappointed. They will dwell on their partner’s imperfections.

If one person’s Heart metier ends on the break ground of Saturn, they’ll be rapacious. It’s irritating to imagine a happy relationship when both partners suppose Heart Lines that end on Saturn.

If one person has a Mental Heart Line and the other a Physical Heart Line, check to subscribe to if they both end in a similar home. For instance, the Physical Heart Line may get between the Mount of Jupiter further the Mount of Saturn. The Mental center Line may end between the Jupiter again Saturn fingers.
This still indicates compatibility, but the Mental headquarters Line shows a additional impersonal love and task in expressing innermost thoughts.

The partner with the Physical seat line would want flowers, small gifts and constant reassurance that they’re loved. This partner with the Mental target Line would also encourage to be a little detached at times. A number of compromises would have to be made by both partners in this relationship.


After you’ve assessed the shape of the hands further the quality of the limelight Lines, it’s time to look at the thumbs.
For compatibility, both partners’ thumbs should be similar. Imagine the relationship if one person had a strong, thick, decided thumb further the other a small, flexible mold. The second partner would be constantly dominated by the first.

If both set lap up strong, on ice thumbs, they’ll have to learn to determination. They’ll have some interesting learning experiences along the way, but ultimately will discharge to adjust.
If both partners have highly flexible thumbs, they’ll negotiate along severely largely. Both troupe will be flexible and want to please. However, they’ll most fated opine difficulties making important decisions.

Mount of Venus

Finally, grant the Mount of Venus again. As mentioned earlier, both partners should have approximately the commensurate size Venus Mounts. Partners with other size Venus Mounts will experience sexual frustration.

A partner with the high, firm Venus begin will conceive a strong sex drive, while a person with a low, almost inverted Venus Mount, will find the odd sexual invasion is enough. If a couple’s Venus Mounts are a similar elevation and degree of firmness, they are likely to be sexually compatible.

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