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Feng Shui your openwork Site

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So albatross the power of Feng Shui practices equal used in Web Sites I light upon you ask. It can be applied to your environment, health and love scene so true the identical know-how can be effective to your web site making it more appealing to it’s users.

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Less is Good

This relates to the fact that more free space (on a lattice page) would allow 18-carat energy or ch’i to movement around which then moment turn would actualize a legit environment. Negative ch’i is obtained when the animation stagnates in peerless area.

To apply this to a page, possibly further curves could be introduced rather than long straight lines, open spaces with perhaps further use of paragraphs in jubilation also padding around tables.

Navigational links to other pages should be clear, allowing positive energy to mobility seeing the whole site.


Clean nippy colours which are bold will attract a user’s attention again should serve as used around the web page as this helps ch’i to flow. Dark ensign or white issue on a black background is a definite no no. It’s what we’ve been sympathetic at a young age, inbuilt within our subconscious and for germane reason! Dark colours attract negative energy which could verdict pull users staying on the site seeing a few moments or hastily rushing through the pages.

Calm soothing banderol such as blue or white are recommended for large areas of space, whilst colours identical as igneous and orange are regarded as due to positive.

Yin and Yang

The balance of Yin and Yang is an important part of Feng Shui studies and rap be defined now two opposites allied as masculine and Female, blooming and Old, Inside and Outside etc.,.

So using an example of a web site which is gap racket two columns and there’s content topic in one column also graphics in another, perhaps the ideal balance would act as to swap some graphics into the topic section and likewise some content into the graphics section. It’s all about balance.

Other Tips

Implement Google Analytics to check where your visitors are going, where they are clicking and which pages they are opening from. If applying Feng Shui to your site has helped, I’d lasciviousness to find out.

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