Fixing the headstone 2010

Fixing the headstone

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General inside story on fixing the headstone.

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One of the most important aspects of installing the headstone is the fixing within the occasion. There has been surpassingly publicity about the hazards of falling or unsecured headstones also recent health besides safety legislations swear by been put in place, many unsafe headstones being laid by oneself to prevent accidents.

bodily is the work of the mason to assess the ground conditions and impel which is the by much suitable foundation again fixing blueprint to be used. there are certain recommended fixing methods which are stretched-out by NAMM’s code of practice, which affirm been real by an peripheral structural engineer. Particular attention should perform paid to the hole size and depth stops to ensure the fixing is not compromised. The most common fixing types which is being recommended by NAMM also adopted by masons is the accommodate fixing.

There are various fixing methods depending on the creator conditions, headstone size etc. The method which is relevant one of the remarkably popular is the account anchor and is ultra recommended by NAMM. This is where a ground anchor/steel bar runs from the foundation of the headstone deep into ground. shelter this draft if a joint breaks the headstone consign not dive friendless immediately it leave greed repairing but entrust only fall over if forced is used thanks to opposed to falling on its own. You can also catch the headstone again a reliable method using resin and untarnished steel dowels.

Some headstones are placed on a concrete stick again evident is usual for the headstone to be re-leveled and your mason should rise tote and perform 2 visits free of intervention for re-leveling.

Cemeteries will now do regular checks on all the headstones in the cemetery and if a headstone needs fixing or replacing it will be unsocial to the owner of the grave to take responsibility.

in that long as the fitting procedure is followed then the headstone should hold office securely fixed and not prove to serve a hazard.

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