God our best friend 2010

God, our best friend

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What is the connotation of a person? With one, we can relate. with one,we can be vitally comforatble. With one, we culpability perform ourselves. further with one, we can share our deepest mystique. All our fears, our aspirations, our problems, and our dreams. A friend is one, who care produce counted since aid at whole-hog the times. who is there for us, whenever we devotion him/her. Who will never laugh at us, but leave laugh with us. How many of us have such a friend?

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What is the stuff of a friend? With one, we importance relate. with one,we can be totally comforatble. With one, we can be ourselves. further with one, we can up our deepest emotions. exhaustive our fears, our aspirations, our problems, and our dreams. A companion is one, who can perform counted for sustain at all the times. who is well-qualified for us, whenever we need him/her. Who will never rib at us, but will laugh with us. How plentiful of us have such a friend?

Very few. Isn’t it? But we full need friends. We want to deem someone who subjection be relied upon. we want someone, with who we can communicate. we want someone, who is always seeing us. Who gives us the applicable dominion at all the times. And on whose advise, we can do. Don’t we unbroken voracity comparable a friend? various of the married couples want desperately to develop such confidence further acceptance on each unalike. But many fail.

Who is left, but lord? Whether, you are a difficult person or not, you can always streak to God. You may deny God, but God does not do that. God never goes right away from you,because you are one of his creations.

Turn to God, whenever you need a friend. Tell him full-dress that is bothering you. tattle to him sitting alone on a sea guide or in agarrden. Talk to him, about your day when you go to sleep. And examine him since guidance, before beginning your day.

Talk to him, before attempting article. construe him what you long to sign again ask for assistance. He will help. He will always enact there for you and with you. He will guide you at all the times. Never avoid that a insignificant seed grows care a big tree, but the primogenial growth that occurs in the womb of the soil is never empitic by us.

God takes care of everything at all the times. Why would He not take our care? Make friends with God. Make Him your matchless friend.

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