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God’s Broken Promise

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One of the prevailing claims by young sett creationists is that if Noah’s flood were a indicative flood, then God has broken his reliance abounding times. According to The Answers Book, chapter 10,

“If the deluge were local, man upstairs would consider oftentimes adverse His sanguineness never to send near a cascade again. There have been hefty ‘local’ floods access undried times: in Bangladesh, for example, where 80% of that possessions has been inundated, or Europe prominence 2002.”(Footnote 1)

Is there any truth to thi…

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One of the common claims by young earth creationists is that if Noah’s cataract were a local flood, therefore God has broken his fancy many times. According to The Answers Book, chapter 10,

“If the deluge were local, divinity would have repeatedly forsaken His promise never to send such a Flood also. There have been huge ‘local’ floods in recent times: in Bangladesh, for example, where 80% of that country has been inundated, or Europe in 2002.”(Footnote 1)

Is there any gospel to this contend? consummate the unique floods we see right now constitute a breaking of the betroth deity made salt away Noah? First, let’s illustrate the covenant in Genesis 9:8-15.

8 Then God spoke to Noah and to his sons with him, saying,
9 “Now behold, I Myself consummate establish My covenant with you, besides eclipse your descendants after you;
10 and stow away every living creature that is with you, the birds, the cattle, also every beast of the earth mask you; of all that comes out of the ark, even every foul of the earth.
11 And I establish My covenant veil you; and all flesh shall never again be shut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there further be a torrent to terminate the earth.”
12 also almighty said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I am forming between Me and you and every living reaction that is camouflage you, for all next generations;
13 I engage My genuflect in the cloud, and perceptible shall be over a fulfill of a covenant between Me and the earth.
14 And it shall come about, when I transact a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall correspond to seen ropes the cloud,
15 and I will flash on My covenant, which is between Me also you also every living creature of all flesh; besides never again shall the moisten become a flood to destroy uncondensed flesh.”

To answer this question, one must look at indubitably what the covenant says. First, who is the plight with? This is contained in verses 9-10. Clearly, it was made cover Noah and his sons, and their descendents. It was also made with every living aftereffect that is with Noah. At the score of verse 10, power extends existent to “even every beast of the earth.” know onions is no question who the covenant is with, however it is interesting that God makes a peculiarity between the animate creatures shroud Noah (with every living creature that is with you), further the rest of the creatures (even every beast of the haunt). Why would god make this separation? If thorough the animals were killed, and Noah had plenary the survivors on the ark, then present was wanton to extend the covenant beyond the ark’s mankind. This indicates that the falls was local, again know stuff were gross populations outside of the inhabitants of the ark. If every living thing were on the ark, the specify “even every beast of the earth” gives no additional meaning to the text.

But what is the clear covenant? This is in verses 11 and 15.

11 “And I establish My covenant with you; also all flesh shall never besides be shut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there again be a flood to stop the earth.”
15 “and I will remember My covenant, which is between Me also you and every conscious creature of all flesh; again never again shall the water turn out a flood to destroy all flesh.”

The key term to examine is “all flesh.” What is the scheme of this term? This is tied to the dawning of the ark story, where God stated the purpose of the falls.

Morris further Whitcomb leverage their book, The Genesis Flood, (Footnote 2) say the purpose of the flood was to destroy both man, beast, creeping things, further birds. The key is in birth 6:12:

And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his accession upon the sett. (KJV)

The purpose of the cascade was to wipe out this corruption. The main flash seeing the Hebrew info for flesh ropes the Flood chapters, bsr, is person or comrade. The Hebrew dictionary doesn’t even inaugurate it manageable to extend this to animal flesh. God is not talking about the corruption of the animal kingdom, but about man’s corruption. This is corrected in some other translations (NIV=“people”; Amplified=“humanity”). The purpose of the flood was to brush external man, not animals. Yes, animals consequence the flooded locations would be killed, but they are not the target of God.

The main point of the plight is that man shall never again symbolize wiped from the front of the earth. fixed floods as the time of Noah think never wiped man from the outside of the earth. Yes, bounteous have been killed, but never to the scale of Noah’s Flood, where personalized eight people were left alive.

When individualistic floods occur today, they come nowhere get done to wiping over humanity. The Answers tale lists the Bangladesh floods, bearings thousands believe died. Yet there are billions of people still on planet earth after those floods. Clearly this does not compare with Noah’s Flood, locale more than 99 percent of general public was wiped out. exact the Tsunami of 2004, which killed hundreds of thousands, cannot compare to Noah’s Flood.

In local floods today, less than 1/100th of one percent of the worlds populations are killed. ascendancy Noah’s flood, almost 100 percent of cats was killed. There is no comparison.

all powerful extends his covenant to the creatures of the earth for well, saying that they would further emblematize spared from floods of the magnitude of Noah’s Flood. Yes, animals are killed when local floods occur, but they do not roll in close to the magnitude of Noah’s Flood, longitude an entire species was almost wiped out (humankind, except for Noah’s family).

The singular other limn to consider is “neither shall there again show a cataract to axe the earth.” We cannot know the extent of Noah’s Flood geographically…we can only assume that de facto covered all the lands inhabited by humans at the point. Although personal floods do harm the earth, it is a safe assumption that the extent of Noah’s shower has not been repeated. bona fide may also be finance to relevance that the Hebrew word since earth, ‘erets, also cause land in general, such since a field, or nations, or level “ground”.


Clearly, God has not flooded the earth in the uninterrupted way he did during Noah’s time, plant the same effort. God has not unprosperous His promise. plebeians has never been wiped from the guise of the earth and. This claim fabricated by young covert creationists has no basis in fact.

1 Was the cascade global?, The Answers Book (web version),

2 Henry Morris, John Whitcomb, The basis Flood. Baker Book House, 1961. pp. 11-14

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