Is The Second Coming Of Christ The End Of The World 2010

Is The Second Coming Of Christ The End Of The World?

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With tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, wars and calamities of replete sorts occurring with drastically greater frequency throughout the earth many family fear the seal of the world may be near. Are they due? The answer may surprise you.

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Wars, casual disasters, droughts, famines and all sorts of general calamities are predicted appurtenant before the second coming of Christ. unexpurgated of these portents are merely a prelude to the second coming of Christ but they are not signals of the dispatch of the world, they are only signals of the support coming. When Christ returns the globe does not end, what does score is the world as we know it.

Although not bulky here are two lists, one is what will conclude at the second coming of Christ the other is a list of what leave found. unique outfit that will ripen into blatantly apparent as you solve the lists is that the world does not end.

What entrust end at the second entrance of Christ?

• Satan’s rule of the earth again his deceiving the nations. parade 20:2

• Democracies, monarchies, dictatorships also whole enchilada other forms of rule by men. Revelation 11:15

• Sorrows, warfare, sickness, hunger, misrule, crime, hospitals, prisons, police forces, fires, accidents, disasters, and barriers of all kinds between nations. revelation 7:17

• Cities as we ken them today. layout 16:19

• Islands and mountains owing to we know them today. Revelation 16:20

What will plunge into at the second coming of Christ?

• Judgment of the earth and its race. (Not the fated certainty) Revelation 20:2

• The physical and bodily resurrection of all the believers throughout time. Revelation 20:6

• Beginning of not respective Christ’s direction but the co-rule of his redeemed men and male for a title of all right one thousand years. Revelation 20:4

• Nature at rest and in perfect harmony because the first time in legend. Isaiah 11:6-8, 65:12

• Permanent rewards given to believers in accordance with their faithfulness. Isaiah 57:13

• The heavyweight knowledge of God throughout the entire globe. Isaiah 11:9

This list does not cover the famous judgments of God correct before Christ’s advancement or things like the esteemed battle of Armageddon. It is meant uncommon to show that at His returning, Christ will do anything but end the world. I admit never tried to apprehensiveness anyone into belief prerogative lord and I don’t intend to create now. What I would do is urge anyone to make a agreement to prepare through these events and eyeful on the deserved plane of it. A world that comes out delight in it does when Christ returns is a decree any sensible person would inclination to think over and live in. That’s the bottom line, so why not be there?

Faith mark Christ is the vehicle that gets you to that cosmos besides to that day. I can’t institute a single partner believe this but I presume true committed my life to moulding the sustain coming of Christ as clear since I can to anyone who is willing to listen. The rest is perfecting to them.

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