Law of Attraction Do You Really Believe This

Law of Attraction – Do You Really Believe This?

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Do you know the core secret to altering anyting in your life? This secret is at the heart of any attraction program and its deeper than anyting that you presently know.

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Do you know what the greatest war to attracting is? It’s controlling the active conscious mind and going deeper into the unlimited hyperspace where creation takes place.

Until you can do that your own faulty beliefs will continue to control your present reality. The difference between a man who is able to manifest thousands of dollars in a week and the man who can only generate a few dollars in a month is simple. One has not learned the secret entry way into hyperspace where he can alter his old limited belief program while the other has.

As a matter of fact if you asked most people what they believe, they would not be able to give you a very definite answer. Few people have taken the time to analyze what it is they are afraid of or even why they are afraid of what it is they believe they are afraid of.

Belief is the foundation of our life experience. You cannot successfully apply the law of attraction with any great results if you continue to believe what you have always believed.

Your old beliefs must be altered and this can be done with great easy. What you focus on your begin to expect and what you expect you will begin to taken into your conscious and this will create your reality.

Get a new journal and begin to write out all the things which frighten you about the things you desire.

That is the very first step to tackling the law of attraction. You cannot otherwise force yourself to think positively about the things you want without first understanding that you are the core fear factor.

That is the only way to really gain greater success with the law of attraction. Its not enough to know that the law of attraction exist you must then begin to examine the old kinks that have helped you in attracting what you previously did.

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