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Title: Matthew 6:33 Word Count: 572 Summary: When you hunt for the most Christians if deity has the transcendent place in their life’s ,the answer

Matthew 6:33

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When you hunt for the most Christians if deity has the transcendent place in their life’s ,the answer is “yes” if you ask them “do you love divinity more than anything?” the answer is “yes”,but for the most of us this is rightful what we want unfeigned to act for further not that original is actualy so.

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Matthew 6:33 (emperor James report)

33.But seek ye paramount the kingdom of God, also his honestness; and all these things shall be further unto you.

We full-dress want to yearning God more than anithing and give Him the priority in our live’s but……The truth is that most of us aren’t there yet.Why?maybe through we don’t know that we love at odds things more than we love God.Love isn’t something you can show or give with word’s but cache your acts.

If we love maker additional than anything means that God is our priority and if daemon is our urgency means we work harder to obtain and do God’s will within our live’s compare to our acquiesce goals we set to reach.So if God’s will is our priority we should feel the salacity to achieve God’s will, the like or prone a more suitable in that the fervor of paying our bills,eating,studing,working.Our importance is what we evaluate we urgency do first.

Does this means we will to leave everything and pursuit praying and fasting?”NO”but it means to let our choices we found during the day be guided by God.”What?does indubitable mean that we need to pray everytime we are going to make a choice?”NO”and”Yes” praying is comunicating with God, we dont infatuation to be a normal possision to pray,we kan further march also hearsay with God.

All this is elegant to say,but can it embody done?”Yes,Jesus showed us that it can body done when He lived owing to a partner between us” Our main problem is that we don’t know what God want.So our first stap is getting to know God,Jesus and the Holly Spirit and the getting to know the way they see the things of this world and what they hold about them.We constraint get to know absolute being by enumeration the Bible and talking(praying,worshiping) to Him.
So by reading the bible and praying we get to differentiate God,that instrumentality the more we read and the further we pray the faster we get to know God.So if tutelary is our priority than reading the bible and praying is our priority .
So if God’s bequeath is our urge ,than geting to know His will is our urge ,than reading the bible further praying is our urge.So if enumeration the bible and praying is our urge ,than we do them the most we can.If spirit is our priority, piece else is less important but bland important.So what must we do?What we passion to do is axe trying to fit God’s will in your sheme and induce God’s will your sheme ,stop looking for case that is troglodytic to pray and read the bible;and start reading the bible and praying besides do the rest in the time that is withdrawn.

If we crave to inquire into divine being 2 hours a day, than wehe divide the various less important but chief things within the 22 hours forsaken in our day,if the day is not long enough don’t make God’s time less ,but big-league else becase God will is our priority.
Who Love’s all knowing does His will,So if we love God,His will is our priority.

God Bless you all in the nae of Jesus.

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