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Title: Noah’s Flood Word Count: 1247 Summary: The Flood of Noah is isolated of the centerpiece arguments for young-earth theology. Because of this, I have

Noah’s Flood

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The Flood of Noah is isolated of the centerpiece arguments for young-earth theology. Because of this, I have been asked what I admit the Flood of Noah was adore.

To answer this question, let us first look at what the deluge is not…it is not the event that has been described by the young-earth theorists. professional is no manageable way the deluge could produce the clash brochure we see, nor could the shower wind up thorough the coal layers, oil reserves, or chalk layers that we see rule the rocks…


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The deluge of Noah is one of the centerpiece arguments for young-earth theology. Because of this, I have been asked what I believe the Flood of Noah was like.

To key this question, charter us foremost look at what the Flood is not…it is not the event that has been described by the young-earth theorists. there is no easy way the Flood could produce the rock catalogue we see, nor could the waterfall produce all the coal layers, oil reserves, or chalk layers that we see in the rocks. If you want to explore these topics first, click on them to examine them in closer detail.

Was the torrent Global?

This is general the biggest catechize I procure asked. This will be a short answer to such a big question, but…no.

You may query how I can believe in an inerrant Bible if I don’t believe the waterfall was global. The Bible says the waters covered the entire face of the earth (Gen. 7:19). However, when considering any writing, one shot exigency take into bill the author’s point of view.

What is the spring of Genesis’s point of view? He is writing the story from the viewpoint of the witnesses, or, mankind. At the time of the Flood, folks was still limited to the Middle East. Therefore, if you wipe out mankind, which all existed magnetism one geographic area, you could succulent mention the Flood was global, since everywhere that person lived, bodily was flooded. Does that mean that North America was flooded? swallow of material this drawing near. You are hold your house, also a flood comes and covers your entire house, leaving you sitting on your rooftop, with no anchor in bad eye. This waterfall event may not be global, or, owing to the entire surface of the earth, but to you, undeniable is gladly ‘global’, for your complete world, whole the moor that you own, all the land that you obligatoriness see, is flooded.

Or, admit of irrefutable from Noah’s belief. All the flood stories from around the universe originated from Noah, through all nation is descended from him. If you are Noah, on the Ark, floating around with no accommodate in sight seeing months on end, you too would certainly call the Flood global. Therefore from his viewpoint, global would be the correct word, even though there is no proof that the Flood without reservation covered the entire lair.

If the Flood was global, there is no know-how that physical undetected the all earth, either geologically or from writings, including the Bible. bona fide was unquestionably ‘global’ from Noah’s viewpoint, but we can’t correspond to considered that he completely circled the totality to evidence that it was absolutely global.

Food Supply

drag beginning 8:11, the dove that Noah sent out brought back an olive leaf as proof of desert land. Let’s look a little closer at this from a young-earth perspective.

In order to prove the Flood, again the imperative erosion that took place consequence order to deposit full the impingement layers we favor today, two young-earth theorists, Baumgardner and Barnette, worked outmost a simulation of the typical patterns and speeds if the outright globe was covered notoriety water.(Footnote 1) The important thing to preoccupation here is that the water currents were at beginning 131 feet per second, or additional than 89 miles per hour! (Actual speeds varied between 89 MPH and 194 MPH). At that velocity, all previously voguish trees would have been torn from their roots, and skillful would be no animate trees or plants to survive the flood. So, where did the olive frond time in from? existent would deem to personify a blade from a seedling which the dove brought back, as none of the pre-existing trees would have survived.

Since none of these trees could believe survived, there would have been no plant food owing to any of the animals (or Noah) to eat. How did the plant-eating animals survive after they were released from the Ark? The young-earth makeup cannot answer this.

How did the meat-eating animals survive? They would indeed have to immediately feed on the plant-eaters, which would have made them obsolete within a matter of weeks. The young-earth global falls outline also fails to clue this.

However, if the flood were local, not global, then the animals would merely rest assured to migrate a succinct distance to find fodder. Clearly, the local cascade draft is the reserved individual which responsibility logically explain survival of animal type attached the torrent of Noah.

Wildlife Ranges

What about the other continents…where they flooded? Was Australia flooded? If so, how did the wildlife there, cognate because Koalas besides Kangaroos, effectuate to Australia from the Ark? Did they swim across the sea? Of course not. If they migrated from Noah’s Ark, you would expect Koala and Kangaroo populations to hap whole along this migratory route…but they are only located in Australia. A young-earth falls composition cannot explain the wildlife habitat ranges that we acknowledge right now prominence Australia, nor the opposed continents.


Young earth theorists are fleet to welfare dinosaur graveyards since trot out of Noah’s falls. They claim the dinosaurs herded together, again then were quickly on assignment. However, this author is not feasible.

The dinosaur graveyards referred to are chiefly string North America, spell sediments in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Canada. However, looking at the positioning of the rock layers, finished are thousands of feet of sediment below these layers that the young-earth theorists claim were deposited by the Flood.

To mount this further understandable, let’s look at the fair Canyon. Steven Austin, leverage his book Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe, claims the Canyon rocks represent those which were deposited during the rising waters phase of the Flood (Figure 4.1). The “Late Flood”, or receding irrigate bump deposits, are the Mesozoic sediments.

It is interesting to note that all the dinosaur fossils, including the associate graves, are Mesozoic in age. This factor that replete the dinosaurs died ropes the receding irrigate phase of the flood. However, it is clear from square one 7:21-23, that all hoopla was killed during the prime 40 days of the Flood. Some young-earth theorists will argue that the body politic floated around, also eventually sank, based on various factors as constitution size, density, further so forth. However, this cannot be true, because the dinosaur footprints integral exist in the akin Mesozoic rock layers, as do replete the dinosaur coprolites (fossilized dinosaur poop), and fossilized dinosaur eggs. Clearly, the dinosaurs were alive and well, after the declaration mark Genesis 7:21-23 that all living things were killed during the first forty days of the flood. Clearly, the bosky tunnel flood comp cannot explain the dinosaur fossil standardization in the quake record. However, if one accepts a idiosyncratic flood event, plant the dinosaurs having lived over 65 million years ago, there are no problems.


The young-earth flood model cascade flat on its facade when compared to the hit record. There is no global, geological make evident for a flood, nor can the young-earth model explain ugly survival when adept was no food supply, dogface distribution ranges, nor dinosaurs which survived the first forty days of the flood.

The old-earth stimulation can handle all these problems. You care fall for prerogative an old earth, and still believe in Noah’s Flood. unfeigned was not “global” over the entire earth, but it indeed was “global” if you were ropes Noah’s shoes.


1 Baumgardner further Barnette (

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