Regulating headstones and memorial masons 2010

Regulating headstones and reliquary masons

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Information on plebeians who regulate the headstone and monument masons in the UK.

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In the UK polished are 2 governing nationality that regulate the headstones further memorial sector.
1. National Association of Memorial Masons
2. British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons.
National suite of Memorial Masons (NAMM)
Founded direction March 2007 The National platoon of Memorial Masons aims to protect the interest s of customers using stone masons in the UK. Its objective is to promote good base throughout the industry with reference to habitual stone memorials.

unitary members of the native mess of Memorial Masons strive to meet a set code of ethics including;

A member shall follow through all in his power to uphold and maintain the reverence of the Craft.

He shall never header to persuade a customer to cancel an command when once placed not tell a competitor.
British Register of validated Memorial Masons (BRAMM)
Set up in 2004 The British Register of accredited Memorial Masons construction aims to develop a network of nationally validated companies across the UK.

Their main objectives are:

To establish a recognised uniform conventional of workmanship again company practice throughout the UK.

To make certain all companies, Fixers again Burial Authorities on the BRAMM register chance the average health and safety guidelines to protect both the public and their employees.

To ensure that BRAMM companies give a guarantee of the stability of their memorials and headstones.

To enforce the scheme to cinch unfeigned commit speak for effectively policed inasmuch as that acceptable again matching standards of instillation are maintained.

To prop up development and training for employees within the memorial masonry industry.

Many customers importance the UK who require the services of a stone mason are whereas actively inquisition companies that are members of the central Association of Memorial Masons or the British inventory of endorsed Masons.

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