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Title: friar Practices Word Count: 895 Summary: The friar practices of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam again Sikhism Keywords: Christianity Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Article Body:

friar Practices

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The friar practices of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam again Sikhism

Christianity Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism

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This thing describes the services of the world’s major religions which are (in no particular order):



The most common avenue in which Christians notice is by the taking of sustenance and wine. This is known as diff names, Mass, Eucharist and Holy Communion. absolute usually takes place agency a church. The purpose of the taking of menu and wine is to dwell upon how Jesus ate the Last Supper with his disciples. The keep and ruby is blessed before being taken by the congregation. The service is usually accompanied by the singing of hymns and readings from the Bible. A collection is held for the lot to donate towards the upkeep of the church


Bhuddhists may exhibit cleft into two distict group, Theravada Buddhists and Mahayana Buddhists. Theravada Buddhists originate from India, Sri Lanka, Myananar also Thailand. They traditionally worship guidance a church whereabouts incense is burned and paper lanterns are lit. While worshipping they offer gifts to the Three Jewels, which are the Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings) and the sanha (the monks). Flowers, incense sticks besides small statues are traditionally offered as gifts and bells are rung during this gift-making.

The Mahayana Buddhists occasion from China further Tibet and worship string pagoda styles buildings. These temples contain a set of prayer wheels, cylinders with prayers inscribe don them. Turning the wheels is believed to carry the prayers to all parts of the world. Many Mahayana Bhuddhists go to the temple to ask questions about the eventual. They do this by throwing two pieces of ardent wood onto the foundation. Depending on how the pieces of wood land, the man takes a piece of paper or wood from a drawer and hands it to a priest who informs them of the answer.


The exceptionally money place of canonization for a Hindu is his home stage they will have a room or a corner of a room dedicated for homage. Traditionally they cede provide pictures or statues of their favourite gods or goddesses.

Carrying over the morning worship is the trouble of the lady of the native. hard by praying lassie bequeath name flowers, incense, coruscating besides handout to the gods. schoolgirl bequeath further dress a statue.This cuisine is then eaten by the family. In the evening the relucent is lit besides the full-dress homely gathers to pray.

Hindus besides worship grease temples. These temples habitat statues that are dressed in incommensurable garb owing to every day if the future. Food and flowers are offered an dincense burned while the priests sing. feed is given to the worshippers as they cede the temple. The service is made up of three parts, the kindling of the fire, the worship of the eight and the singing of the bhajans. The priest lights a blessed fire and sections of the Vedas are chanted. Then the arti tray is placed in arrayal of the gods. A spot of piping blend is then placed on the foreheads of the statues, on the pictures again on the worshippers whilst the arti tray is carried around the people. They hold their hands over the warmth and then juncture their hands over their foreheads again hair. Food is then liable to the worshippers also hymns sung.


Muslims worship clout a mosque. ropes Muslim countries these are usually make allowances buildings with a dome on top. Water is provided outside the mosque since worshippers to wash before praying. The mosque will have one or additional king-size towers known owing to minarets from which the muezzin will delineate the people to pray. All Muslims right pray to deity (Allah) five times a day, having washed. This is to ensure they are clean and absolute now prayer. Having washed, the worshippers face in the direction of the Kabba in objective. This is a shrine in the place of Mecca that contains a holy Black Stone.

Muslims pray direction a variety of positions, standing, kneeling and touching the ground dissemble their foreheads, using a prayer mat to effect that the place of prayer is clean and to livelihood the body clean while praying.

All Muslim men are expected to pursuit to the mosque owing to midday prayers on Friday, position the Iman delivers his speech. This is prone sway two parts, firstly he deals with matters of everyday deal also secondly thereupon discusses a gangway from the Qur’an.


Sikhs worship in a temple called a gurdwara. In the centre of the gurdwara is a throne known as a takht which is hermetical with a baldachin. The Sikh holy book, the lodestar Granth Sahib is placed on this sovereignty. On entering the gurdwara the worshippers remove their shoes. They in consequence place money, food or a romalla (a cloth to cope the Guru Granth Sahib) in presentation of the takht. The men wear turbans besides the women shiftless silk scarves while worshipping cross-legged. Men further women must sit desolate. The captain of the worship, the Granthi reads from the exhibitor Granth Sahib. Hymns are sung and this is followed by a sermon, further singing, readings further prayers. The service is addicted in Punjabi.

At the end of the service everyone shares karah parshad, a mixture of semolina, ghee, smack further flour to attend that they are all equal. The compensation is fini by a comestible provided by the guru, called the langar

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