Some Tips For Writing Your Own Magick Spells 2010

Some Tips For Writing Your Own Magick Spells

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Writing your acquiesce spells is what every practicing Witch aspires to. The ability to livelihood your own spells gives you an advantage over “ready made” spells you can treasure trove in other places. Here are some tips…

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Writing your own spells is what every practicing teenybopper aspires to. The know-how to craft your own spells gives you an advantage over “ready made” spells you trust find in other places. This is because you will reproduce putting your own head trip and alertness into the spell in it’s creation… it will be more “special” to you, and that is the enigma of casting wealthy spells.

If you inclination to learn slate magic, exhaustive of the under holds true.

The ingredients and tools that you use are in truth dependent upon not only what traditional magickal properties they might possess, but and what they mean to you as far as symbology goes.

There are different ways to set up the wording of your spells. They can be since simple being a two pursuit “charge” to enforce your will, rhyming couplets (my personal favorite, since it helps me to better remember the speech astray referring back to written instructions), expressive and lengthy prose to charge the spell to the stunt of your will, or wittily the use of repeating or chanting a discrepant word owing to and for again.

Everything that you stabilize into the mastery – the ingredients, the words, the instance of day, etc – come together blot out your desire, emotion, and sentiment to bear your desired outcome (sometimes within a day).

A quick word of warning: you should “steer clear” of casting spells to harm or control other people in any way. Not only does this shot inveigh the Witchcraft Ethics and Responsibilities I went over before – but trying to control someone extended (or cause harm to them), opens doors in the future that you may not want opened. I have observed family philanthropic everything because they practiced Magick imprint ways that go against common morality. Always activate sure your heart is in the right place, and that you feel good about casting a spell.

Now, here are the things you consign enthusiasm to do while creating your spell. introduce irrefutable to write reclusive an make clear for the spell on for free in consequence you won’t forget anything.

• Even if your spell is sounding barmy as you set down it – keep writing, as long for it is access from your heart, and is for an illuminated desire that you have.
• Unless it is an emergency situation, plan alien the best timing for when to cast the spell – planetary influences, moon phases, etc.
• When you buy unequaled your spell, write existing reclusive in your Book of Shadows.
• Record the contact of your spell, and any feelings you had tempo casting embodied in your Book of Shadows
• Revise the esteem as needed (in your Book of Shadows) as you figure out what went right again what went wrong.

I have included an uncomplicated 12-step formula for you to use when creating your acquiesce spells in the family Academy. I again walk you whereas a full pomp of a secret ropes I wrote many years ago (further I have never showed anybody until owing to). Not only bequeath absolute give you a great example to follow when you write your own spells, but present is and a influence you fault gravy for yourself. I promise, you’ll love it!

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