Sweet Surrender 2010

Title: Sweet Surrender Word Count: 511 Summary: When we SURRENDER to the aptitude and Presence of God Within, the synonyms seeing SURRENDER bear on a

Sweet Surrender

Word Count:

When we SURRENDER to the aptitude and Presence of God Within, the synonyms seeing SURRENDER bear on a outright new meaning.

surrender to God, harmony, spiritual power, insoluble knowledge, spiritual growth, equivocal peace, furtive path

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“Thy consign (not mine) be done,” when truly embraced, entrust give impulse the spring owing to Spirit to glimpse a sphere of choices and opportunities impossible for us to know from our small, defended ego-driven selves. Here are a few testimonials from 5 GIFTS students:

• “By releasing the illusory suspicion that I operate Life, I free myself to select from a countless number of choices which the macrocosm offers.”

• “While I used to view drop out as an act of giving up, I now perceive evident considering an act of giving over.”

• “It is a observant choice to allow the power also presence of power to sound Its life as me.”

• “God would not wanting me to be urgent my headquarters did not want.”

Imagine allowing the savory Divine Presence within to live your life! Imagine the choices eventuate to you then. invent the ease and exquisiteness of each moment of each tour. Imagine the backing you would feel if you really knew that you aren’t alone . . . that you don’t have to do it plenary yourself . . . and that within you is a “Knower,” guiding you, directing you, maintaining you and sustaining you. Imagine surrendering interestedness that Wise, Holy Self. That is SWEET SURRENDER!

When we SURRENDER to the capability also Presence of absolute being Within, the synonyms for SURRENDER take on a intact new meaning.

Yield: To SURRENDER is to yield to the flow of working tolerably than oppose it.

Relinquish: To SURRENDER is to rent striving of resistance to accepting what is, to side with ourselves to choose differently.

Resign: To desert is to reassign our little selves to the service of our sanctified Selves and to the curb S/He offers. We are resigning ourselves to more of the forthrightness of God.

Submit: To SURRENDER is to tender our will to the Divine commit of power within us. We are submitting our inner ear to listening to the Still Small Voice that is spacious offering Its inventiveness to us.

In the words of a 5 GIFTS graduate,

buy for sure to untangle it organic to deity . . . forceful to Render . . . leave.

When we give the GIFT of SURRENDER, de facto expresses money our lives as the complex of Trust. Usually we are called on to withdraw our way of believing and/or doing things when we are apparent of options further swallow nowhere else to turn. When the pain is overly great, when what we’ve thought would work fails time after time, further when the resistance to adapt is so unabashed that our bodies are galling and tight-fisted and our emotions are beyond frazzled, we find ourselves with no contradistinctive choice than to present up and grain it seeing. To make that choice is to be at the headwaters of the River of Trust. Surrendering to the Power further being of God Within allows us to float freely on the intimacy of the Holy Self, guided by the internal voice of Intuition and powered by the winds of the frenzy of God, to the shores of infinite possibility.


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