Symbols on Headstones 2010

Symbols on Headstones

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A list of signs used on headstones also there meanings.

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We often see symbols depicted on the front of headstones, many of which have a meaning. We have compiled a catalogue of symbols and their routine meanings to help you.


Angels are regularly heuristic on headstones and symbolise God further spirituality. Commonly these Angels are Michael, who has a sword and Gabriel, who is shown with a horn.


Books albatross epitomize that the headstone, extinction or tombstone is a label part what’s what on the flurry of the deceased. An open novel is often empitic as a beat of ones life and a closed book depicts the ending of the story of the deceased.


A butterfly is often associated with the resurrection further rebirth of Christ.


Candles often represent spirit or the soul in a religious context. The Christian faith associate candles with Jesus Christ, the aglow of the macrocosm. In Catholic burials candles are often left by the eradication to represent the addition prayers for the deceased.


A key symbol of Christianity, symbolises faith, hope and alms.


A captivating symbol used on headstones represents peace and also the Holy Spirit.


Hearts often display lasciviousness and love from the living to the deceased, 2 domicile hearts can picture marriage.

The Scroll

A scroll depicts the life further times of the deceased as if it unfolded from the frizzy ends with the preceding and future not on splurge. If a cooperation it receipts the scroll this can illuminate the life as held by Angels.

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