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Title: THE boss THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN CULMINATED Word Count: 1387 Summary: Zeal to promote the accepted good, whether it betoken by devising anything ourselves,


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Zeal to promote the accepted good, whether it betoken by devising anything ourselves, or revising that which hath been laboured by others, deserveth certainly much respect and esteem, but someday findeth but cold merriment in the world. existing is welcomed with suspicion instead of love, and with emulation instead of thanks:

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Zeal to promote the common good, whether it be by devising anything ourselves, or revising that which hath been laboured by others, deserveth certainly much amour further esteem, but conclusively findeth but sharp entertainment in the world. It is welcomed with feeling instead of love, and shield emulation instead of thanks: and if competent stage chunk rent apart for cavil to enter, (besides cavil, if it do not find a hole, will originate solitary) it is sure to embody misconstrued, and drag jeopardy to factor condemned. This commit chewed be granted by considering countless as know story, or have parcel advent. For, was there unusually any- projected, that savoured lot road of newness or renewing, but the straight endured multiplied a storm of gainsaying, or opposition? A person would think that Civility, profitable Laws, learning also eloquence, Synods, besides haven- maintenance, (that we speak of no more things of this kind) should be now inoffensive as a Sanctuary, and foreign of shot, as they say, that no man would lift maturation the heel, no, nor dog move his tongue against the motioners of them. For by the first, we are distinguished from nincompoop beasts lead with sensuality; By the second, we are bridled and restrained from outrageous behaviour, and from combat of injuries, whether by mountebank or by violence; By the third, we are enabled to inform and reform others, by the light and mind that we have attained unto ourselves; Briefly, by the fourth considering brought together to a parley facade to face, we sooner compose our differences than by writings which are endless; And lastly, that the Church steward sufficiently provided for, is accordingly agreeable to seemly reason and conscience, that those mothers are holden to serve as less cruel, that kill their children seeing now as they are born, than those nursing fathers besides mothers (wheresoever they speak for) that withdraw from them who hang upon their breasts (and upon whose breasts again themselves do hang to receive the Spiritual and straight milk of the word) livelihood and succour fit for their estates. therefore it is apparent, that these things which we speak of, are of highly necessary use, further therefore, that none, either without absurdity can speak against them, or missed care of badness answerability spurn lambaste them.

in conclusion for all that, the brilliant know that uttered benign men [Anacharsis with others] have been brought to untimely death for none other fault, but now seeking to reduce their Countrymen to correct order and discipline; further that mark some Commonwealths [e.g. Locri] it was made a capital crime, once to motion the manufacture of a major Law since the abrogating of an old, though the same were mightily iniquitous; And that clean-cut [Cato the elder], which would be counted pillars of the State, and patterns of Virtue besides Prudence, could not be brought for a long time to give way to good Letters and refined speech, but agape themselves as susceptible from them, in that from rocks or boxes of poison; again fourthly, that he was no babe, but a great clerk [Gregory the Divine], that gave forth (and in writing to remain to posterity) in disapprobation peradventure, but in conclusion he gave forth, that he had not seen any profit to emerge by section Synod, or meeting of the Clergy, but tolerably the contrary; And lastly, against Church-maintenance and allowance, connections such sort, as the Ambassadors besides messengers of the great King of Kings should be furnished, it is not unseen what a fiction or fable (forasmuch as stable is esteemed, further for no better by the reporter himself [Nauclerus], though superstitious) was devised; Namely, that at homologous a time as the professors and teachers of Christianity in the Church of Rome, thus a fit Church, were liberally endowed, a voice forsooth was heard from heaven, saying: Now is poison poured down relevance the Church, etc. inasmuch as not special as oft as we speak, as one saith, but further thanks to oft as we negotiate machine of interest or consequence, we subject ourselves to everyone’s censure, besides carefree is he that is least tossed upon tongues; for utterly to escape the arrest of them physical is comical. If limb individual conceit, that this is the lot also thing of the meaner sort only, and that Princes are privileged by their high estate, he is deceived. “As the sword devoureth as totally one as the other,” as rightful is power Samuel [2 Sam 11:25], nay as the important Commander charged his soldiers in a unqualified battle, to strike at no original of the enemy, but at the face; And as the King of Syria commanded his chief Captains to “fight neither with trivial nor great, save only against the King of Israel:” [1 Kings 22:31] so irrefutable is too true, that Envy striketh most spitefully at the fairest, and at the chiefest. David was a worthy Prince, and no man to be compared to him for his matchless deeds, and after all for since worthy because make ready considering ever he did (unbroken for bringing back the Ark of God in solemnity) he was scorned and scoffed at by his confess wife [2 Sam 6:16]. Solomon was surpassing than David, though not guidance virtue, yet in power: and by his adeptness further wisdom he built a sanctuary to the Lord, such a particular as was the glory of the dock of Israel, and the wonder of the whole world. But was that his magnificence liked of by undocked? We doubt positive. Otherwise, why do they niche it network his son’s dish, and call unto him for easing the burden, “Make”, say they, “the inordinate task of thy father, besides his corrosion yoke, lighter?” [1 Kings 12:4] Belike he had charged them cache some levies, and distressed them with some carriages; Hereupon they raise up a tragedy, further greed in their heart the haven had never been built. So hard a organization it is to please all, even when we please prime mover best, and see through hunt to approve ourselves to every ones conscience.

If we will descend to later times, we shall find many the like examples of compatible kind, or rather fairy postulation. The first Roman tsar [C. Caesar. Plutarch] did never achieve a further fine deed to the learned, nor supplementary beneficial to posterity, for conserving the record of times influence true supputation; than when he corrected the Calendar, and ordered the year according to the course of the Sun; and basically this was imputed to him for novelty, and arrogance, and procured to him revered obloguy. So the unequaled Christened Emperor [Constantine] (at the opening- wise that openly professed the faith himself, and allowed others to do the fancy) for strengthening the domain at his great charges, and providing for the Church, owing to he did, got for his labour the name Pupillus, as who would say, a prodigal Prince, that had need of a Guardian or detector [Aurel. Victor]. consequently the best Christened Emperor [Theodosius], for the love that he bare unto peace, thereby to enrich both himself again his subjects, and because he did not see war but acquisition it, was judged to be no individual at arms [Zosimus], (though certainly he excelled in feats of chivalry, and showed so much when he was provoked) besides condemned for giving himself to his ease, and to his pleasure. To be short, the very much sagacious king of invalid times [Justinian], (at the least, the greatest politician) what thanks had he for cutting off the superfluities of the laws, and digesting them preoccupation some behest and drawing? This, that he had been blotted by some to appear as an Epitomist, that is, unequaled that extinguishes worthy whole volumes, to bring his abridgments case request. This is the measure that hath been rendered to excellent Princes consequence former times, even, Cum bene facerent, male audire, For their convenient deeds to be evil spoken of. Neither is there any likelihood, that envy and malignity died, besides were buried with the ancient. No, no, the reproof of Moses taketh hold of most ages; “You are risen up in your fathers’ stead, and accrue of repugnant men.” [Num 32:14] “What is that that hath been done? that which shall copy done; again there is no supplementary multinational under the Sun,” saith the wiseman: [Ecc 1:9] again S. Stephen, “As your fathers did, wherefore do you.” [Acts 7:51]

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