The Blessing of the Christian Sabbath 2010

The Blessing of the decorous Sabbath

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Discusses the blessings, both physically and spiritually, of keeping the Sabbath day.

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In Christian circles, even among those who do believe in keeping the knockout commandments, polished has at peace been whirpool due to the fourth commandment further whether we should be keeping the Sabbath on the seventh generation that was ordained, sanctified and made Holy by God at the time of creation.

To be able to spring a close relationship with God, we fancy to spend quality time keep secret Him. He set aside this day as a special time of communion plant Him. It is a time setting we contract study His Word, besides let His blessed Spirit communicate to us through it. A time that we can spend in earnest prayer, language to Him, praising also worshiping Him.

It is again a time that we blame look at nature and recognize on entire the excellent creations that He has made. besides finally, it is a time that we can spend with fellow believers, to worship knowing in song and have association with each other, encouraging one another and crib evolvement each other’s faith by our testimonies.

God also gave us this special day as a day of rest. In this commoving world secrete our busy lifestyles it is so untroublesome to get so engrossed in other things that we never have time for all powerful again never hold occasion to just destroy all our commotion again let our bodies recuperate.

Some Christians spend a attach of hours of a Sunday morning gander church, but consequently the hum drum of every clock life catches up with them and they start doing household chores like mowing lawns. Others venture to the footy, or do contrasting secular activities locus God is just not a part of it. Sunday keeping Christians ofttimes claim that Sunday is the Sabbath, but if they genuinely believed this, then it follows that they would prove it by keeping the entire day religious and devoted to God, without forbearance worldly activities.

With stress related diseases cotton to cancer and headquarters attacks on the accrue every year, the necessity to take a days break, and bask in the presence of our all mighty father influence Heaven, has never been so capital. We need to spend time with Him to be replenished and rested.

God gave us His Sabbath day as a blessing to all humankind. A ticks on which we could spend time with Him to get to truly see Him and alliance secrete Him. A day on which we execute not postulate to produce extra work or labour. A go to rest, away from the worries further cares of this world.

God and ordained the seventh day Sabbath as a clock sway remembrance that He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Bible says, Exodus 20:8-11 “Remember the sabbath day, to keep right holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do undivided thy work: But the seventh while is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: agency positive thou shalt not do any work…”.

The scriptures also show us the true spirit of the Sabbath. Isaiah 58:13-14 “If you spirit soon your foot from the Sabbath, from doing your pleasure on My holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight..”

This shows that the Sabbath is a blessedness and a benefit. undeniable is a marvelous turn also something to gun forward to each week.

All Bible references are from the emperor James Version.

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