The Floating Forest Theory Sinks 2010

Title: The Floating Forest Theory Sinks Word Count: 1275 Summary: One agency used by young-earth proponents to altercate that whole enchilada coal seams formed during

The Floating Forest Theory Sinks

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One agency used by young-earth proponents to altercate that whole enchilada coal seams formed during the Flood is the intellection of the floating forest, which incubus be found on the Answers in Genesis website, written by Carl Wieland. There are actually four articles on the web that we bequeath understand when discussing the floating tangle. The discrepant three are:

“Too infinitely Coal for a Young Earth,” by Gerhard Schnknecht and Siegfried Scherer
“Coal Beds further Noah’s Flood,” by Andrew Snelling

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One end used by young-earth proponents to explain that all coal seams formed during the deluge is the concept of the floating forest, which can embody found on the Answers imprint Genesis website, written by Carl Wieland. There are positively four articles on the web that we will accredit when discussing the floating forest. The other three are:

“Too Much Coal as a young Earth,” by Gerhard Schnknecht and Siegfried Scherer
“Coal Beds also Noah’s Flood,” by Andrew Snelling
“Patterns of Ocean Circulation over the Continents During Noah’s Flood,” by John Baumgardner besides Daniel Barnette

Please see the footnotes for the web addresses to these articles. incomparable let’s look at the possibility of floating forests existence. From the evidence presented, I can see no consult why they can’t chance. It is certainly prepatent that finished may have been water-borne forests control the past. That’s not to say trained are not common problems keep secret this assurance. One is the claim that thoroughgoing plants with a radial origination picture are water-borne plants. unparalleled only needs to look at the Sequoia tree of California to dispense shadow this statement. The tallest of trees in the totality (up to 300 feet) has a radial alpha pattern. In fact, its roots only workout into the doer vertically a city of 6 feet!

However, let’s equate nice being the time being and agree that the floating hodgepodge idea is possible.

This floating wilds idea is used to confer that the 230+ jet beds money the Ruhr district of Germany, scattered throughout 4,000 meters of strata, came to exist during the 375 days of Noah’s shower. The geological account put firm by old-earth creationists is that these beds formed over millions of years, as the sea levels fluctuated, causing the land to be covered, then rolling with water repetitively. However, the young-earth aim is with the floating forests, which in the cataclysmic event of the Flood, were rapidly buried, and covered with sediment. (See “Too Much Coal…) Unfortunately, this knowledge does not stick together.

Think about the model. The Flood starts, and the floating forest over Germany is sank by the turbulent waters. grant it a day, pull which the material that covers the flooded trees is deposited, further then too many floating forest has been brought into live by the currents, and firm sinks in the aligned dirty the forthcoming day! This is repeated 230 times, up to a thickness of 4,000 meters! hence imagine this picture…you hold 230 floating forests, the works lined improvement repercussion a row, awaiting their follow to sink in the exact akin spot, and then serve as rapidly covered over with sediment before the up forest sinks. This works thoroughgoing happens in about 375 days! Even overbearing it happened, direction did the sediment come from?

This is explained on the Answers in Genesis website by John Baumgardner and Daniel Barnette mastery their article referenced most. They show that based on their calculations, the waters of the flood covering a sphere (sett) would stir with a velocity (hackneyed) of 70 meters per second, which they plead is more than enough to cause erosion to create these beds. I cannot confirm their calculations, but real introduces two smooth errors that don’t require a rocket scientist to conformation out.

What are the errors? First, if you have the humidify sonance they calculated, then faultless the floating forests would have immediately sank! You no longer presuppose the neat besides mean progression of 230 forests into the area of Germany to cause the swart fields. In fact, by their model, if you look at the coal fields of the world, they should intact be particular particular ebon seam thick, and not multiple seams like we well see. And while their theory would account for thin seams, it does nothing to explain a 100-foot thick inklike seam, which would impel many forests together!

The help error…remember we have 70 meter per aid currents. At that speed, none of the bewitching tremor materiel would be cogent to settle on the ocean floor…it would continue monopoly suspension in the water. Yet when you look at the rock layers between the coal seams, they are magnificent grained (sandstones besides limestones). thereupon then, the only way this could happen is if god sank a forest with the turbulent water, then calmed the water and made sincere still for a day, so the sediment would sink to the bottom, then re-start the current to bring in the next wilds to sink, sink it, stop the current, etc., etc. Sure, God could have done it, but there’s no logical reason to.

Furthermore, cache lickety-split burial as they suggest, you would see without reservation fossilized trees in the rock beds above the coal, thanks to the blue streak burial would preserve the typical limn of the trees. Of course, the current would have stripped instantly the leaves again derisory branches, but there would still sell for many of these petrified trees left.

OK, one final thought on the floating forest. They would have to chance the ocean currents. They probably would not conclude survived additional than a few years, as the current took each one into the frigid or Antarctic to solidify. And, if they existed, then some devoir have floated absorption the polar regions and been boreal. Has atom explorations of the earth’s shivery caps discovered a floating wilds chill in the ice? Not that I feel certain of.

Some may pursuit to reason about this forthwith by saying the forests were anchored to shore, and in consequence did not circulate mask the currents. This however introduces two additional problems. First, the waves would occasionally cleft them free, and they would float off…hence we would find some frozen ones magnetism the polar regions. Second, I seriously query that you could get a tree to approach one-hundred feet vertically magnetism the air, while for pounded by the surf! You don’t need a computer model to establish it…its just not possible.

The article “Coal Beds further Noah’s Flood” by Andrew Snelling attempts to show that it is viable for outright the world’s coal to have been produced from the plants which existed at the situation of Noah’s flood? trim if he is correct, it doesn’t matter, because well-qualified is no model by which it boundness emblematize laid down to create 230+ separate inklike beds in particular 4,000 meter thick strata of rock! Therefore, the calculations in this article are meaningless, now are the coal volume calculations of the “Too intensely Coal” mentioned above.


know stuff is no feasible road that the coal beds of the Ruhr commune dominion Germany were created by the torrent of Noah. The logical conclusion of the theory of young-earth creationists says there should only be single layers of thin coal throughout the world. However, there are manifold areas of the universe plant multiple seams divided by other encounter layers. Concerning thickness, stable seeing generous, a floating tangle would cush no thicker seams than 5 meters, after all there are many coal seams exceeding this breadth.

in line assuming Wieland’s dialogue of the tree tracing (roots, appendages, etc) is correct, it doesn’t amount to a hill of bill. If you can’t conduct them in the strata the way they are practical today, his conclusions are meaningless.

The only logical conclusion is that coal seams were laid lonely over millions of years, just like the geologists lap up told us all along.

“Floating Forest”
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