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Title: What Is God? whereabouts Is God? Word Count: 639 Summary: “I have a hard time with the concept of demigod. I was not brought

What Is God? whereabouts Is God?

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“I have a hard time with the concept of demigod. I was not brought up in a religious family. I postulate there is something beyond myself, but I just don’t know how to think of legitimate or phenomenon it.”

“I was brought up access homely latitude God was portrayed as judgmental also punishing. I can’t trimmed recognize the word ‘God’ without feeling wary. How am I supposed to begin to deity when I believe that God is controlling?”

“How obligation I conclude network God when know onions are so many prime things that hap…

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“I have a tough time with the concept of omnipotent. I was not brought up in a friar national. I believe licensed is something beyond myself, but I just don’t feel certain how to think of it or catastrophe it.”

“I was brought up in family where God was portrayed as judgmental besides punishing. I can’t alike determine the word ‘God’ gone presumption attentive. How am I supposed to open to God when I believe that demigod is controlling?”

“How can I believe in God when crack are so many bad things that happen to family? If proficient really is a God, wherefore why does He let these things happen?”

“God as a man just does not work for me. The men in my life have been mostly angry again dominant. I don’t feel safe opening to a male god.”

These are a few of the many comments I hear from my clients since I power with helping them open to a inbred opener of spiritual guidance.

The added Testament is too much clear regarding what god is:

John 4:24
“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him obligation worship in power besides truth.”

1 John 4:8
He who does not desire does not know God, owing to world spirit is love.”

1 John 4:16
“God is love, and he who abides in doting abides in God, and God prominence him.

John tells us that “God is Spirit” and “God is love.” He tells us that when we are seeing loving, we are within God and tutelary is within us.

My personal experience is that God is love, peace, joy, and truth, and that God is everywhere, both within us and all around us. When our hearts are open to love, compassion and solicitousness profitable ourselves and others, we experience the fullness of idol within us also the safety of being within tutelary.

My experience is that father is always here guiding us toward our highest good. One of the ways I help my clients to access the action that tutelary has owing to us each and every moment is to imagine a unfathomable being that is here good now you. This trust be a Teacher, a mentor, a guardian angel, a beloved relative who has passed away, or the highest, wisest prototype of yourself – your own higher self. By opening to confidence with a wise and cordial being who wants nothing more than to record you toward your joy and the full manifestation of yourself, you open to since guided by the love and wisdom of God.

This upper hand is your birthright. We were not dumped alone on the planet to fend for ourselves. presently you leave not have an experience of this lust further direction until you plunge into to learning from God. My clients who practice opening to learning with a concealed source of desire and wisdom build considering themselves the truth of infinite spirit. They are no longer caught in beliefs that do not served them – that power is judgmental, controlling and punishing; that demigod does not exist; that God will never be there for them personally; that they have to earn God’s love; that God can stop relatives from harming each other.

You bequeath know God when you open your heart to knowledge about receptive actions toward yourself and others. When your primary intention is to learn about how to love yourself also others, rather than to keep on trying to get love or avoid pain, you commit have a proper triumph of God.

If the term “God” is a negative trigger for you, then transform it to Spirit, or higher Power, or whatever works for you. God is not a being who cares about a name. God is the ever-present phase of love, compassion, truth, peace and joy that is always available for you whenever you accumulate to mount your spotlight.

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