What the Secret Teachers Did Not Tell You About Manifesting

What the Secret Teachers Did Not Tell You About Manifesting

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Are you willing to accept that you may not fulling have the tools to manifest what you want? If you are still unsuccessful with attracting what you want then you may very wll have missed a crucial step and you will want to read this article.

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As more and more people are getting interested in the law of attraction there are an increasing number of people who doubt that it works. Someone asked me recently, “Is this law of attraction thing a joke?” No it’s not a joke, it is one of several Universal laws which help to create a great balance.

But, with so many people having difficulty in getting success with the law of attraction I could see much more clearly how misleading “the secret” movie has been. If it is not misleading to you then for others it has fallen short of revealing the true secrets to manifesting.

The secret movie tells you do visualize and feel that you already have the thing that you want and then take right action and you will get it.

In reality there is a right way to visualizing and a wrong way to visualize. Fewer than one percent of people know how to properly visualize. Second of all most people do not know the right state of mind which you absolutely must enter in order to make rapid changes. Without the perfect mental state you simply won’t get the success that you are after.

Although the movie stress positive thinking few people understand the deeper reason for positive thinking.

Both positive thinking and visualization have their base in thought. It is important to understand the nature of thought first. If you understand thought at its tiniest level you will quickly come to understand how to best work with thought to willfully direct it to manifest exactly what you want.

The law of attraction requires that you understand what thought is and how to direct thought across space and time to bring to you what you want.

Many people come upon various block in applying the law of attraction to their lives. You can find many tools and teaching that will instruct you on just how to get rid of one problem or anther which holds you back from manifesting what you want. However I have found that the most powerful techniques are those found in old esoteric teachings.

Many years ago when the science of thought was being taught the teachings were simple and the emphasis was placed on the practices and development. The teachings were straight forward. Many of those ancient teachings would do well for today in helping others to stay simple and work on the developmental part of attracting.

You have to ask yourself how willing are you to take the steps necessary to master tried and true teachings to manifest what you want? Are you ready to give up and disbelieve, or are you willing to believe that there are a few things which you must learn in order to truly master the law of attraction?

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