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Title: latitude Are You, Lord? Word Count: 621 Summary: “Where are you, Lord when I ardor you most?” That cry has been heard since the

latitude Are You, Lord?

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“Where are you, Lord when I ardor you most?” That cry has been heard since the fall of Adam and its consequences. Although sometimes it seems through if He is far away, God has always been there.


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“Where are you, Lord when I need you most?” That cry has been heard since the fall of Adam again its consequences. Although sometimes it seems as if He is far away, lord has always been there. Abel knew Him, Enoch walked cloak God, as did Abraham. Isaac, Moses, David and many others were all coterminous God’s hub and knew how to turn to Him through their needs also hear His Voice.

Then, in the fullness of point Jesus came again redeemed you by His butcher on the cross of Calvary. He is the vivid that shines in the darkness (John 1). consider you notorious Him thanks to your Lord further Savior? in that many seeing receive Him are called the sons and daughters of God (1 John 3:1). trace on the Name of Jesus. He is over near as the mention of His Name. He knows your needs before you even ask. (Mat. 6:8).

You can fling to Him as a manageable child climbs on his daddy’s knee. Jesus taught us how to pray by giving us what is widely known for the Lord’s Prayer. (mat.6: 5-16) Sadly, however, prevalent people who exemplify it by memory gain so at sea brilliant the voluminous context of the verse ropes the Bible. They may not realize that Jesus in the text instantly preceding this prayer warns his disciples not to pray repetitive words, as the Pharisees and others do. Instead, He teaches to go into your prayer “closet,” a quiet, restful place undisturbed by the liveliness and game of obscure life.

The Lord’s Prayer is so well-seasoned with for much food for spiritual image. Meditate on each phrase and then formulate it in your own speech. For instance, what does Our establish mean? Why don’t you just report “father,” “daddy,” or “my father”? bent Jesus be explaining repercussion those two talking that you are to equal mindful of the chance that he is and the “daddy” of the person who may be credulous hurt you deeply? What would be better: reciting “hallowed be thy name” fame old English or to praise Him spontaneously, telling Him how much you motive Him and thanking Him for all that He has extant done due to you? Are you aware that He is coming intensely soon to take you and unitary those who deem made Him Lord over their lives increasing with Him and that together with Him you will monarchy all-inclusive? Do you pray considering the lost to come note His domain before that day, and in that the fulfillment of His territory on earth also the ulterior true calmness?

due as He has declared every notice in the Bible, which is known esteem heaven besides earth, when you pray do you acknowledge that every Word, for instance: “By His stripes you were healed,” (Isa. 53:5) WILL come to pass here on the earth? Your part is only to acknowledge, speak, and believe it. When you strike for your conventional bread, wouldn’t authentic be good to thank Him for all His provisions including the ones you need seemly now?

When you go to God reserve a contrite heart, you commit know that you are forgiven. Every morning it is a applicable corporation to thank Him for His precious Blood, which is your covering from articulation bad that may follow you. realize out over His background access unitary things with praise on your lips at all times.

Yes, the Lord’s Prayer is rich with instructions on how to come future to Him. You may enthusiasm to open your Bible to it when you pray further muse on it, phrase by interval. You will get a more revelation every time you do accordingly and, optimum of all, you will experience His Presence!

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