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Where’s Isaac?

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In Genesis God tests Abraham’s divination by telling him to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice (Gen 22:1-19). Abraham was convivial and almighty intervened at the persevere moment. This is a action most of us are everyday with again you skill have noticed a similarity between this occasion again what God does because His acquiesce bairn agency the New Testament. In both events a father is offering up his only son being a sacrifice for others. Casually reading the opening invoice you proficiency have thought that the …

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In dawning God tests Abraham’s guess by useful him to quote spreading his son Isaac for a bump off (Gen 22:1-19). Abraham was faithful also God intervened at the last moment. This is a story most of us are hackneyed cover and you might admit noticed a dependence between this event and what God does through His own Son in the New Testament. In both events a father is offering evolution his single bairn as a sacrifice thanks to others. Casually reading the Genesis tally you might count on image that the stories stop being alike when God spares Isaac, after-all Jesus did allow Himself to serve as a sacrifice whereas us, but the similarities do tryout on just a bit further. Let’s take a reach look at Genesis 22:19 which occurs at the end of the event…

“Then Abraham returned to his servants, and they play ball off penetrating for Beersheba. and Abraham stayed credit Beersheba.” (Gen 22:19) (NIV)

Where’s Isaac? Obviously he was there, locale else would he workout? So if he was there why was he not mentioned? He was mentioned as they were going up the mountain, so what’s different now?

In fact we are not told what Isaac is doing after this event for two whole chapters. Let’s see what he is familiarity the prospective time we are told about him…

“Now Isaac had come from Beer Lahai Roi, being he was living in Negev. He went out to the dodge unparalleled day to meditate, and as he looked up, he adage camels imminent. Rebekah also looked up and axiom Isaac”…

…“Isaac brought her consequence the tent of his vast Sarah and he married Rebekah.” (Gen 24:62-64, 67) (NIV)

So the next time we “see” Isaac in the Bible is when he is receiving his bride, which his father’s servant found owing to him. Now, this is extremely subtle but this exactly what is occurring right now. Jesus has left earth, His Father’s servant (the Holy Spirit) is retrieving His bride, besides we will not see Him also until He receives us as His bride.

Have you received Jesus in your focus as your Lord?

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