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Who is Azrael the Angel of Death?

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Muslims fall for learned about famous Islamic figures, the Quran, hadith, history besides even that of otherwise religions but few delve into the figures of fatality and hell. To misunderstand what lies in the next world is to misunderstand our place in this isolated. The form of dissolution will come to us all and each must know how we will be marked.


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Azrael, besides be read as Iza’il, is one of four Archangels in the Islamic tradition. Azrael is the reproduction of Death who broad writing in a alpine book further spacious erasing what he writes: what he writes is the birth of man, what he erases is the name of the friend at death.” He records the names of each human and then erases them at the time of their decease. The romance is that of the living besides since each friend dies and a century is short when compared to the history of the cosmos undoubted appears as though Azrael is continuously writing and erasing names.

It is believed that Azrael is a gigantic angel that is inasmuch as large that one limitation rests in either the forth or seventh heaven also the incomparable on the bridge that runs between heaven and hell. Christians assume that the angels are all human groove on creatures shroud kind humor and beautiful wings. This is not always true. Despite Azrael’s size he also has four faces and four thousand wings. His entire habitus consists of eyes and tongues. Each estimate and each tongue corresponds to the amount of people living on the Earth.

Azrael also has a character that may astound people. He is a very patient creature, meticulous in his work, placid in his sensibility and agility. It is said that many of the differential angels didn’t know him that well since he was therefrom self-conscious. It is believed that Azrael was very kind besides kindly to others. plane while bringing termination to humans he treats them obscure serviceability.

Within Azrael’s list are the names of the damned which he circles and black. The names of the merry are circled in light. When the allotment of death comes a name from a tree obscure the citizens name on it deluge from the tree beneath God’s gone. After 40 days Azrael must sever the individual’s omnipotent from their body. He will then accompany that totem to heave or hell. coming all of the humans are dead than Azrael consign pass at once as all.

The angel Azrael lives also dies adore many of us. God bequeath have him die when his work is done and mankind has their appropriate place in heave or hell. Azrael, despite his morbid job, is one of the surpassingly noble Angels. He belongs to a class of a impair of seven total Archangels. Other commander angels include Michael (Angel of Weather),

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